5 Best Putting Mats In 2023

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5 Best Putting Mats In 2023

If you’re looking to practice your putting skills at home, investing in a quality putting mat is the way to go. Well actually a custom putting green in the back garden would be excellent, but just in case that’s outside of the budget let’s take a look at the putting mats. With so many options available, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. To help make your decision easier, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best putting mats in 2023. 


There are a few to choose from, so which of the putting mats is right for you? 


Here are our top 5 putting mats

  1. WellPutt Putting Mat (Our Favourite)
  2. Perfect Putting Mat – Perfect Practice
  3. Putt Out Mat + Putt Trainer
  4. Breaking Ball Putting Mat – Me And My Golf
  5. Inesis Putting Mat

And further down the page I’ll answer your question of… Are putting mats even worth it?

For now, let’s focus on why you’re here, finding the best putting mats, and picking one thats right for you. Below you’ll find a list of the best putting mats out there right now. All come in different sizes, with different pros and cons. Take a look below and grab the best one for you.


5 Best Putting Mats In 2023

WellPutt Putting Mat (3m)
Editors Pick

WellPutt Putting Mat (3m)

  • Multiple visual aids for body and putter head alignment, stroke amplitude and eye positioning
  • 2 play directions: accuracy & distance control
  • "Good zone - Bad zone" for training pace
  • The roll, speed and feel of a real-life green at 10/11.5ft stimp
  • App with training programs to track progress
  • Size - 3m (10ft) x .5m (1.64ft) - there are exercises going both ways along the mat so ideally you have space on either side of your mat to take your stance

Why We Like It:

There’s a lot to like about the WellPutt mat. The fact that really this is more than just a mat, it's a training system and that’s what took this above the other mats we’ve looked at. 

On the mat you get to practice the pace of putts, different lengths of putts, your setup, your length of putting stroke, and so much more.

The WellPutt app provides you with different training programs that are addictive. Making your practice fun and competitive and being able to track your progress means you'll keep coming back for more... and that is exactly what you want from a practice tool.

If you would like to see our full, in-depth, review of the WellPutt mat, just click here.


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  • Accuracy & pace training
  • Good Zone - this is BIG plus for me
  • Alignment guides
  • Putter head stroke control - train the length of your putting stroke for repeatable results.
  • Training programs - play the games and try and beat your scores each time. Makes practice fun and competitive.
  • Design of the app - The content and the training programs are great, it simply doesn’t look as polished as the PuttOut app for example. 
  • The ball doesn’t come back to you…? This could be a con for some people I suppose, with other products providing this feature. 
  • Lack of storage - Keep the box as you'll need a place to keep it, assuming it's not staying as a permanent feature in the living room. 


Perfect Putting Mat - Perfect Practice

Perfect Putting Mat - Perfect Practice

  • 9'6'' long giving you good-length putts to practice
  • 10-14 stimpmeter readings
  • Track lines to help with set up
  • 2 hole sizes - one regulation and one smaller to help with precision training
  • Auto ball return - meaning you don't have to move. 
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Why We Like It:

You’ll have no doubt seen the ads on the social media platforms of Dustin Johnson claiming his excellent putting skills come from the use of this Perfect Putting Mat. Now I’m not one to be cynical… ok let’s not go there. But how good is it?

To be fair… it’s really good. 

Things I love…

  • 2 hole sizes - one regulation and one smaller. Practice using the smaller hole enough and putting on normal size holes will feel like you’re aiming at a bucket.
  • The “Train Track Alignment”, otherwise known as ‘straight lines on the mat’, do help with making sure you get your putting stroke on the right line.
  • The raised hole means you have to make sure you give it a bit of extra power to make the putt, and hopefully training you not to leave putts short. 
  • The ball comes back to you, which is a nice touch.
  • It looks beautiful. Really nicely built
  • A smaller hole helps get you dialed in and makes the normal hole seem much bigger
  • Train Track alignment to keep you set up and giving immediate feedback as to whether the putt was online or not.
  • Auto ball return is a nice touch
  • One major concern for me is the number of reviews that complain about NOT being able to get the mat flat... which for an indoor putting surface is kind of key. For some, it's the way it's delivered leaving folds and wrinkles in the mat that even with ironing it they are struggling to get it flat. Or a curling of the mat, that even leaving books on it for days doesn't seem to help. One reviewer resorted to getting a nail gun and nailing it to the floor... well if I did that in our living room, I'd be in trouble.... that is not a solution.
  • Doesn't have the same practice features as the WellPutt mat.


PuttOut Putting Mat & Premium Trainer
Great For Smaller Spaces

PuttOut Putting Mat & Premium Trainer

  • Size - 240cm (7ft 11in) x 50cm (1ft 8in)
  • Stimpmeter reading - 10
  • Printed alignment guides, target points and distance markings
  • Compact carry bag to store the mat in or take it away with you (I mean what holiday wouldn't be complete without a putting mat in your hotel room)

Why We Like It:

This one has been rolled out on my floor, with the pressure trainer for the last couple of years and I love it. Only recently replaced by the WellPutt putting mat that became a firm favorite.

But, I would only get the mat if I was getting the pressure trainer that goes with it. Hence why I’ve reviewed the starter set and not the mat on its own. 

Why? Well because we are always taught to hit putts at a pace that means the ball would finish just beyond the hole if you miss. And the pressure trainer trains you to do exactly that. Without that, the hole is close to the end of the mat, so any putt that you hit at a good pace would just roll off the end of the mat, and that, is annoying.

Not only would the ball not come back to you, but you’ve got hard floors, and you’d be off looking for the ball under tables and chairs. I suppose you could put it up against a wall, but I don't want to mark the walls and the noise might be irritating fo anyone in the the next room. 

Add in the pressure trainer and it becomes incredibly addictive. Getting the “perfect putt”, one that is on the right line and pace, is a great feeling. The design of the pressure trainer is that to get a perfect putt you have to hit the putt at a pace that if you missed it would finish just beyond the hole. 

It's 60cm shorter than the Wellputt mat and you only putt in one direction meaning the mat could be close to a wall for example to save space. A great choice if you are limited on space and can't fit the Wellputt mat in. 

  • Good for those needing a mat that takes up less space
  • The Pressure Trainer is incredibly addictive, which makes practice fun. 
  • Doesn't have the same level of training features as the WellPutt mat.


Breaking Ball Putting Mat - Me And My Golf (7.5ft & 11ft)

Breaking Ball Putting Mat - Me And My Golf (7.5ft & 11ft)

  • Size - 230cm (7.5ft) x 50cm (1.6ft)
  • Stimpmeter reading - they approximate 11
  • 3 different weight balls (heavy, medium and light) for practicing different levels of breaking putts. 
  • Clear markings for distance and start lines
  • Access to training videos that accompany your practice

Our Thoughts...

Like the PuttOut Putting Mat, the standard, 7.5ft, mat doesn’t have a large landing zone behind the hole and there is no cup to stop the ball of any sort. Priced the same as the Putt Out WITH the pressure trainer, for me the Putt Out wins. 

The longer, 3.4m (11ft) version does have the landing zone behind the hole, but this version is the same price as the WellPutt and Perfect Putting mats and the breaking ball technology doesn’t do enough to beat those others. 

The benefit is being able to practice “breaking putts” in the sense that you’re not looking at the hole, but aiming at a different start line. It’s a nice concept, but it’s not one I’m sold on. 

For me, at-home putting practice is about training a consistent and repeatable putting stroke. Can I hit putts in a straight line consistently? Obviously, you can practice normal putts with this, just use a normal golf ball (I don’t know if that needed saying or not… probably not).

  • Practice breaking putts - where your start line is not aiming at the hole
  • 3 different levels of breaks to practice
  • Comes with putting training plan


Inesis Putting Mat With Ball Return
Tight Budget Option

Inesis Putting Mat With Ball Return

  • Size - 250cm x 30cm
  • Stimpmeter reading - 2 different speeds, but no information as to what those speeds are
  • Ball returning system

Our Thoughts:

Now you may think this looks somewhat like an uglier, cheaper version of the Perfect Putting Mat… and you’d be right. But it’s not pretending to be anything fancy. 

It has 2 holes, one regulation size and one smaller, and the ball comes back to you. 

Now clearly the materials of the structure and the mat itself aren’t as high quality, and in my opinion, it doesn’t look as good as the perfect Practice mat. 

There are also no markers for the distance of the putt, which I’m not sure is essential, but for me, I like to play games in my practice and different length putts is an easy variable to measure. 

But it is MUCH cheaper. 

I personally would spend more and go for one of the other mats, but this can’t be ignored if you are on a budget and looking for a decent-quality mat. 

  • Great for those on a tight budget that just want to practice a few putts. 
  • Not the same quality as the others in this list
  • No practice plans or games
  • No tracking line on one side


There you have it, our 5 best putting mats for 2023. I hope you find one that you love and enjoy many hours of putting practice.



Now when it comes to putting practice, you may be wondering if putting mats are even worth it… is it going to help your game when you are out on the course? 

Are Putting Mats Worth It?

Well, let’s be honest with ourselves for a second here…

3 putts are infuriating. 4 putts, that’s when we get close to putter-throw territory. You get to the green in 2 (sometimes), only to then totally mess up the putts and walk off with a double bogey. Have you ever had that happen?


That’s 2 shots right there you could have cut off your round! When you look over your rounds I bet you see… a 3 putt here and there, or maybe even a 2 putt that should have been one.


We take around half our shots on the course with the putter. It’s the most used club in the bag. You can save so many shots by improving your putting… and yet… how much time do you spend practicing your putting?


Most people spend precisely zero minutes… or maybe 5 putts on the practice green before they head out onto the course.


The reason people ask if putting mats are worth it, is normally because they are wondering if it’s anything like putting on a putting green. There are no slopes to deal with, well actually my floor sometimes seems to have a slight left to right break, but you’re not reading a break. And I understand that, but that, to me, is not the purpose of the putting mat. 


A flat putting mat will allow you to train a repeatable and consistent putting stroke. And that will save you a ton of shots on the course! 


Every putt you hit needs to be a straight putt. You pick a line, which sure might be outside of the hole, but you want to send that ball on that line.


So being able to hit 6-foot putts, dead straight and dropping in the hole every time, that to me sounds like a good thing. 


If your current level of putting practice is zero. Do you think adding even 10 putts a day as you wait for the kettle to boil, or coffee to brew would help? 70 extra putts a week of practice? OF COURSE it would!


My advice, grab a putting mat, put it in your office, living room, well anywhere you can really and take a 5 minute break from work to practice your putting. From what I’ve seen in films all the big CEOs do it, so why shouldn’t we?


So to answer your question of… are putting mats worth it? YES! Absolutely!

The next question is… Which one will you be going for?


If you enjoyed this review of the best putting mats, then I have no doubt you’ll enjoy some of our other content too….


Chris Wright
Article by:
Chris Wright

Chief Hacker at Sunday Red Golf. I absolutely LOVE the game of golf and will chat with anyone and everyone about it.

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