About Sunday Red Golf

The place for golf addicts to come together!

We are building a new kind of golf club…


Ok so we don’t have a course, or a clubhouse, or in fact even a head pro. What we do have is a community of people who love their golf and will find any excuse to talk about it.


We are fed up with the bullsh*t of the golf world. Golf has lot’s of problems , from ridiculous application processes, some nonsense rules and traditions and loads more.


Well none of that nonsense here… (I mean there isn’t even a membership fee to get started)


But there is so much good in the world of golf!


Want to be a part of the club? There are 3 questions

1) Do you like golf?

2) Do you find yourself buying new golf gears? (From equipment to clothing… to anything golf related. My wife things my golf wardrobe is better than my day to day wardrobe)

3) Do you like a post round pint? (Doesn’t have to be alcoholic)


If you find yourself thinking about golf all day, practicing your swing at any opportunity then you’ll fit right in. Come and join the club now and I look for ward to seeing you on the inside!





Our Team

Chris Wright
Chief Hacker


Be a part of something special in the golf world. We are not one society, we will be loads of societies. Will we hold events, probably, will there be lots of golf played... definitely!