The Best Golf Gifts for 2023: A Complete Guide

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The Best Golf Gifts for 2023: A Complete Guide

If you’ve ever found yourself in the rough, scrambling to find the perfect present for the golf lover in your life, then you’re in luck. Whether they’re a seasoned pro or just hitting the links for fun, finding the right golf-themed present can be a real challenge. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! From practical training aids to luxurious experiences on the course, our comprehensive guide to the best golf gifts for 2023 is packed with ideas to suit every golfer’s taste and style. 


So, put aside those novelty golf balls and tired old tees, and let’s dive into a world of golf gifts that are sure to impress and delight. Your search for the ultimate present starts here!



1. WellPutt Putting Mat

WellPutt Putting Mat


Check Price – 3mCheck Price – 4m


This year, the WellPutt putting mat quickly became my favorite mat, check out the full review here. This would be an EXCELLENT gift for any golfer. This mat is not just a mat, it actually helps train your putting stroke – it has a lot more to it than cheaper mats out there on the market. 

The only thing to think about is the space these need. Do they have a 4 or 3-meter space that they can roll the mat out in? 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to stay out the whole time, just roll it up and put it in the box for storage. To get yourself 15% off use code AFF15_SUNDAYRED


2a. Golf Subscription Box (UK) – AirDrop Golf


AirDrop Golf

Check Price of AirDrop Golf


If you’re struggling with what to get someone, then AirDrop Golf will have you covered. They offer excellent golf subscription boxes with everything a golfer could need, delivered straight to their door every month. It doesn’t have to be a subscription; you could also buy just one box as a gift.

The only thing you will need to know is the size of clothes the person you are buying for wears, (try not to guess!)

The box costs £54.99 but the value of the items you get inside is much higher! 

Offering polos, caps, accessories and anything golf from some of the top brands this definitely deserves its place on the list of the best golf gifts. 

You can check out our full review of AirDrop Golf, just click here.

Visit AirDrop Golf and use code SRG15 for 15% off your first month!


2b. Golf Subscription Box (USA) – Mullybox



Check Out MullyBox Now!


Mullybox is the golfer’s dream come true! If you’re looking to up your game or simply spoil someone with the perfect golf gift, then look no further. 

Delivered right to your doorstep every three months, Mullybox packs in a dozen top-notch golf balls and 5-7 cool accessories like stylish headcovers and handy club brushes. What I love most about it is the attention to detail; each box is curated about a year in advance, ensuring that it’s filled with items that genuinely enhance a golfers game. The subscription even includes Mullybox’s own brand, giving it a unique touch. 


Feedback from golfers who have used Mullybox is really positive. Whether you’re buying a golf gift for a pro or someone who is just getting started, Mullybox is worth every penny.


3. Golf Headcovers


Darth Vader Headcover

Check Out Darth Vader Headcover

The headcovers someone places on their clubs are a great way to personalize the bag. Some golfers will never stray from the headcover the club came with. Some will like the new headcover to be from the same brand, so take a look at the make of the clubs you want to get a headcover for. 

Independent manufacturers, such as the one selling this cool Darth Vader headcover, offer unique designs that any golf enthusiast would appreciate. 

Alternatively visit Golf Iconic who not only have an excellent range of golf headcovers to choose from, but you can also design your own fully customised design for them to create – the perfect way to give the best personalised gift!


4. Golf Books


Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect - Dr Bob Rotella


Buy ‘Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect’ Now!


Every golfer wants to improve their game, making golf-related books an excellent gift choice. My favorite book is Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella, this is a classic, helping golfers refine their mental game. 


Another insightful read is Zen Golf by Dr. Joeseph Parent, which offers readers psychological strategies to improve their golf game. In fact Dr Joseph Parent is involved with a great app called Golf Guru, and we sat down with one of the founders, James Sinclair, to discover 3 ways we can lower our scores this year. Click here to watch that interview now. 


5. Ball Markers


Ticket To The Birdie Show Ball Marker

Check Price – Ticket To Birdie Show


Ball markers are often a small, but yet very appreciated gift by golfers, especially with a lot of small independent companies producing some great designs. It’s a chance to bring something unique to the golfers bag. On the Mark golf ball markers offer various designs where you can choose the perfect ball market to reflect the personality of the golfer. 


Some of my favorites from others are this classic Masters Green Jacket Ball Marker and the hilarious Ticket to the Birdie Show Ball Marker, ball markers allow golfers to add a bit more flair into their games and are a must in any list of the best golf gifts.


6. Custom Scorecard Holder


Custom Scorecard Holder

Check Price – Custom Scorecard Holder


Nothing is better than a classy custom scorecard holder, and the golf range from Torro is fully leather, and can be personalised making it a very thoughtful gift. 

A scorecard holder is a gift that the golfer can carry with them on each round, so even if you think they’ve forgotten about you when they’re out having fun with their golf buddies, this gift is a great way of reminding them of the thoughtful person who bought them this gift, every time they note down a score.


7. Golf GPS Watch


Garmin S62

Check Price – Garmin Golf Watch


Golfers are always looking for an edge in their game, and tech gadgets like golf GPS watches can provide just that. Devices like these provide useful information like distance to the hole, course layout, and even swing analysis. If your budget allows, this could be a game-changing gift.


Our recommendation is the Garmin S62. This is one of the best GPS golf watches on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. The number of features it has is excellent!


Firstly, it has a very large watch face screen which means golfers can see the details of the hole they are playing quickly at a glance. It also shows color images of the hole; whether it has bunkers or water hazards, everything is clearly presented on the watch face.


What sets this watch apart is the ‘Virtual Caddie’ which is an amazing addition which learns club selections and suggests clubs based on a golfers typical distance after just 5 rounds.


Not just limited to the golf course, the Garmin S62 is stylish enough to be worn every day and comes with interchangeable straps. What we also like is that it is built-in with the ability to link a bank card – unfortunately, this means you can’t escape having to pay for a round of drinks after your round now!


8. The Golf Experience of A Lifetime


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a golf lover, these Golf Experience Days could be just the thing. You’ve got a whole bunch of choices here, from playing on famous golf courses to taking lessons.


You can find something for everyone, whether they’re new to golf or have been playing for years. The golf experience which caught our eye was the opportunity to play golf at the home of golf, the famous St Andrews course – this would be the experience of a lifetime! 

Alternatively, if they like a bit of luxury, there are golf and spa breaks, and there are even money-saving vouchers if you want to keep the cost down.


So why are these on the best golf gifts list? Well, it’s because there’s something for every golfer. They can play, learn new skills, enjoy beautiful views, and even grab a nice meal or a relaxing spa treatment. It’s not just about hitting balls; it’s a whole fun and memorable experience that any golf fan would love.


9. The ExPutt RG Putting Simulator


Exputt RG Golf Putting Simulator


Check Price


The ExPutt RG Golf Putting Simulator is a fun and interactive way to practice your putting skills from the comfort of your home, office, or personal hangout spot. 


This device lets you connect it to your big screen TV or mobile device, giving you instant feedback on important putting aspects like tempo, putter path, and clubface angle. If you want to make it more challenging, you can simply adjust the slope and distance of your putts and even play on renowned courses like Pebble Beach. 


It’s not just for solo play – you can also challenge your friends to find out who’s the best putter. The package includes everything you need, such as a camera, putting mat, remote control, tripod, and more, all wrapped in a compact design. It’s perfect for anyone serious about improving their putting or just looking for a good time with friends. This innovative set makes the ExPutt RG Golf Putting Simulator a worthy addition to any list of the best golf gifts.


10. Golf Towel

While this might seem like a minor accessory, a good golf towel is a must-have on the course. These towels are used to clean golf balls, clubs, and even a golfer’s hands. Consider a high-quality, absorbent towel that can easily be clipped to a golf bag such as this one from Callaway golf


11. Bonus: Titleist Den Caddie – For the Golfer Who Has Everything?


Titleist Den Caddie

Check Price – Den CaddieCheck Price – Desk Caddie


Inspired by the popular Tour Bag design this Titleist Den Caddie is the perfect addition to any office for the golfer who has everything! What do you use it for? We have no idea, but what we do know is that it looks really cool!

You could twin it with the matching Titleist Desk Caddie, which is a tour bag inspired pen and pencil holder. Both of these would make amazing gifts for golfers and would make them the envy of all of their golf buddies! 


Other Golf Gift Ideas 

Still not sure what to gift? Consider some of our extra suggestions below:


12. Golf-Themed Art or Decor


Golf Themed Art


Check Price – Augusta PrintCheck Price – All Golf Themed Art


For the golfer who also appreciates art, consider a golf-themed art piece or decor for their home or office. There are numerous artists who focus on golf landscapes, famous golfers, or even create artwork from old golf clubs. It’s a way to celebrate their love for the game, even when they’re not on the course.

Prints like these ones are an amazing way to help that golfer in your life bring some of the world’s best golf courses into the comfort of their own home! 


13. Custom Golf Ball Marker Display Stand


Custom Golf Ball Marker Display Stand

Check Price – Custom Ball Ball Marker Display Stand

Golfers love to collect a little memento when they visit the top courses. That’s often a ball marker. And getting a ball marker display stand so they can have them on show all the time, bringing back memories every time they look at it… well, what a great gift! 


14. Beer Cooler For The Golf Bag


Pins & Aces Beer Cooler

Check Price – Pins & Aces Beer Cooler

Does the golfer you are buying for enjoy a beer on the course? If so then, the Pins & Aces beer cooler might be the thing for them. Fits 7 beers and slides right into the bag alongside the clubs.


15. Golf Lessons with a Pro


Nothing beats learning from the best. Golf lessons with a professional could be an incredible opportunity for any golfer to improve their game. It’s not just about correcting a swing or grip—it’s also about understanding the strategy behind the game and learning how to think like a pro. If they have a pro they already work with at their club then go to them, golfers don’t like switching coaches.


If you’re unsure how to choose this then why not check out Skillest who offer a platform for golfers to get expert online tuition from some of the world’s best coaches. You can be sure they will be able to improve their game in no time!


16. Luxury Golf Travel Case


For the traveling golfer, a luxury golf travel case could be a highly appreciated gift. These cases are designed to protect valuable golf clubs during transport, often equipped with lock systems and built from shock absorbent materials. Besides, they just look impressive and speak volumes about the golfer’s commitment to the game.


Golf Gifts to Avoid


Iron covers tend to get a bad rap, so best avoid those. Similarly, unless you’re sure about someone’s preferred golf ball brand, steer clear from gifting those. They could just end up sitting on a shelf or being re-gifted. I would also steer clear of buying golf clothes such as polos or hats. This is usually such a personal choice, you would be better off gifting a voucher. 


The Best Golf Gifts for 2023: Conclusion

Finding the perfect gift for a golf enthusiast doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Whether it’s a high-tech putting simulator, a personalized scorecard holder, or a luxurious golf travel case, this guide offers a wide variety of options to please any golfer, from beginner to pro. From small accessories like ball markers to the golf experience of a lifetime at renowned courses, there’s something to fit every budget and taste. And be sure to follow our guidance on what to avoid, you can then confidently choose a gift that will be cherished rather than re-gifted. 

So, take a swing at one of these great ideas, and you’re sure to hit a hole in one!


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