The Best Golf Training Aids: Unleashing Your True Potential

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The Best Golf Training Aids: Unleashing Your True Potential

We all want to improve our golf, but unless you’re a professional golfer you probably only have limited time to spend practicing your game. So how do we make the most of our time and ensure that we can take our game to the next level? Well in this article I’ve curated the top list of the best golf training aids. These will not only help you to refine your skills and unlock your true potential on the greens, but they will also allow you to make the most of your practice time whether that’s at the range or a sneaky putt in the office at work.

The Power of Practice Essentials

Alignment Sticks: Your Path to Precision


Alignment Sticks


✅ Always make sure you are actually aiming at the target

✅ Are used in all kinds of drills

Let’s start with the most basic yet fundamental practice aid every golfer should have – alignment sticks. If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you’ve had those times on the range, you’re ready to perfect your swing, but your shots keep veering off in random directions. The culprit? Misaligned setup! In this situation alignment sticks can come to the rescue, these will help to establish the correct alignment and aim. Legendary golfer Nick Faldo is a huge advocate of perfecting golf alignment to improve your game. In this video, he shares some excellent tips for how to use alignment sticks when you’re practicing at the range.


Alignment sticks are incredibly versatile and can be used for various drills and exercises. Golf coaches often use them to train players on proper swing plane, alignment, and even putting. Additionally, they can be used to work on ball position and balance. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, incorporating alignment sticks into your practice routine is a game-changer.



Clubface Spray: See the Connection


Clubface Spray


✅ A simple, and highly effective way of getting instant feedback on your ball striking accuracy

✅ Easy to apply

✅ Easy to wipe away

Ever wondered where you’re hitting the ball on the clubface? Clubface spray is your answer! This simple yet effective training aid provides instant feedback on your ball-striking accuracy. Before taking your shot, simply spray a small amount on the clubface, then swing away. Upon impact, the spray will leave a mark on the clubface, indicating where the ball made contact.


This could be quite uncomfortable viewing, particularly if you’re well offline with your club contact. However, by using clubface spray regularly during practice, you’ll gain valuable insights into your ball-striking consistency. Are you consistently hitting the sweet spot? Or do you need to work on finding more center-face strikes? Identifying these patterns allows you to make necessary adjustments and improve your overall ball control and shot dispersion.



Unleashing Your Swing Potential

SuperSpeed Golf: Power Up Your Swing


SuperSpeed Golf


✅ Increase Swing Speed

✅ Greater distance off the tee and improved club head speed

✅ 3 weighted training clubs and training program

Everyone wants to bomb their driver, and if you’re one of those golfers who struggle for distance and are looking to add extra yards to your drives, SuperSpeed Golf is a game-changing training aid. This innovative system utilizes the concept of overspeed training to increase swing speed and unlock untapped power in your swing.


The SuperSpeed Golf system consists of three weighted training clubs, each designed to target specific aspects of your swing. By incorporating a series of carefully crafted training protocols, you’ll build strength, flexibility, and speed in your swing. The result? Greater distance off the tee and improved clubhead speed, setting you up for success on the fairways.


It’s important to note that while SuperSpeed Golf can deliver impressive results, it requires dedication and consistent training – you won’t achieve those 300-yard drives after just a few swings.



Ojee Golf: A Hidden Gem


Ojee Talon


✅ Accurately measure spine and shaft angles, in turn, determines the "Ojee Angle"

✅ Helps create consistency (the thing we all strive for)

✅ Getting your posture right from the get go. 

The TALON Training Aid by Ojee Golf is hands-down one of the best swing training aids out there, and here’s why. It takes the mystery out of the golf swing, by accurately measuring your spine and shaft angles and then determining the OJEE ANGLE, which is the magic secret to maintaining consistency in your golf game.


This cool gadget even tells you if your club face is open, closed, or square. It’s all about getting your posture right from the get-go and repeating it until it becomes second nature, leading to better performance and lower scores. National Club Golfer Magazine considers it a game-changer, as it provides top-tier coaching that you can access anytime, anywhere. I’ve used this myself and found it simple, easy to understand, and perfect for use at home or on the driving range.


Impact Bag: Mastering the Impact Position


Golf Impact Bag - Me And My Golf


✅ Instant Feedback: What is your clubface position at impact? Want to know why you're hooking or slicing? This will help.

✅ Strengthen upper body and build consistency

✅ With the MeAndMyGolf Bag you also get a training video series showing you how to get the most out of the product. 

*Note - Impact bags (including this one) come empty, you need to fill them with towels or cushions. 

One of the most critical moments in the golf swing is the impact position. It’s the instant when the clubface meets the ball, which decides the ball’s trajectory and direction. If you’re looking to perfect this aspect of your swing, the Golf Impact Bag is a must-buy training aid.


The Golf Impact Bag makes it onto our list of the best golf training aids as it’s a simple yet effective training aid that allows you to work on your impact position at home, in the garden, or wherever you have space. The bag is designed to be filled with old towels or clothes, providing a safe and supportive surface to strike.


Using the Golf Impact Bag, you can focus on creating a forward-leaning shaft at impact, preventing scooping or flipping of the wrists. By repeatedly rehearsing proper impact position with the bag, you’ll develop muscle memory and a solid ball-striking technique.


Tour Striker Smart Ball: The Right Connection


Tour Striker Smart Ball


✅ Create a consistent connection between arms and body

✅ Eliminate excessive wrist movement for a more solid strike

✅ Can be used in various drills and for all different areas of the game - -driving, irons, chipping, & putting.

A consistent connection between your arms and body throughout the golf swing is crucial for a reliable and repeatable swing. The Tour Striker Smart Ball is a simple yet effective training aid designed to ingrain this vital connection.


The Smart Ball is an inflatable training aid that fits snugly between your forearms, promoting the feeling of a synchronized and connected swing. By maintaining this connection during your swing, you’ll eliminate excessive wrist movement and create a more solid strike.


One of the key benefits of the Tour Striker Smart Ball is its versatility. Whether you’re practicing your full swing, chipping, or pitching, the Smart Ball can be used in various drills to enhance your overall swing mechanics. This is one of my favorite training aids, it’s such an underappreciated part of the golf swing, and using this has made significant improvements to my game.


Total Golf Trainer


Total Golf Trainer

A complete system, that provides instant feedback, helps with all areas of your game and can replace a bunch of other training devices. 

✅ TGT Hip - Improves takeaway, posture, hip tilts, hip rotation and more, all leading to more consistent ball striking

✅ TGT Arm - Develop the perfect takeaway and wrist action during the golf seeing. If you want to see beautiful forward shaft lean at impact, definitely use this one.

✅ Can be used in various drills and for all different areas of the game - -driving, irons, chipping, & putting.

When it comes to versatility, the Total Golf Trainer, a favorite tool recommended by many pros, including the guys at Me And My Golf, is an excellent way to improve your golf game. This multifunctional training aid covers a wide range of aspects of your golf swing, making it a go-to tool for all-around improvement.


It’s designed to provide instant feedback, correcting common mistakes like an incorrect wrist set, loss of posture, early extension at impact, or over-the-top downswing move. The kit includes tools like the TGT ARM, which helps eliminate flipping and scooping at impact, and the TGT HIP, which assists in improving your downswing sequence, posture, and hip rotation.


I’ve found this really helpful, whether I’ve been practicing at home, in the office, or on the range, it provides me with consistent real-time feedback that’s like having a personal coach right by my side.


It’s the ultimate golf training kit for anyone keen to elevate their game and unlock their full golfing potential. By incorporating the Total Golf Trainer into your practice routine, you’ll soon be able to fix multiple areas of your game and achieve those low scores you’ve dreamed of!


Eyeline Golf Speed Trap: Build A Solid Foundation


Eyeline Golf: Speed Trap

Designed to help you hit it longer and straighter

✅ Trains you to, finally, hit the ball then the turf

✅  Eliminate the slice or hook by training a great swing plane

✅ Rods are attached so won't fly off down the range if you happen to hit one

We’ve all heard that a solid foundation is vital in golf, and the Eyeline Golf Speed Trap helps improve just that. This excellent training aid sets the stage for improving your swing path and clubface alignment. With the Speed Trap in place, you’ll develop a repeatable and consistent swing, leading to improved performance and lower scores.


The Eyeline Golf Speed Trap consists of a polycarbonate base with four rods. The rods are adjustable, allowing you to customize the width to fit your club’s head and the desired swing path. By guiding your club through the Speed Trap, you’ll learn to keep the clubface square and swing along the correct path.


What makes the Speed Trap unique is that it can help in addressing various swing flaws. It helps you correct slices, hooks, and other ball flight issues, making it a valuable tool for golfers of all skill levels, and deserves to be on this list of the best golf training aids.



Putt for Dough: Putting Essentials

The PuttOUT Devil Balls: Devil In The Detail


PuttOut: Devil Balls

Designed to help you hit it longer and straighter

✅ Flat edges exaggerate the effect of your putter' face and impact. 

✅  Improve your putters face angle at impact and get more consistent and straighter putts

✅ Three different difficulty levels (pro, intermediate, beginner)

✅ Pro level makes it TWICE as hard to hole a 3 foot putt than with a normal golf ball.

We should all spend more time practicing our putting, with this next training aid you are guaranteed to improve your short game! The PuttOUT Devil Balls are like having a personal putting coach, they provide you with instant and clear feedback about your putts. They’re designed in a way to make you focus on getting the clubface position just right when you strike the ball. It’s like training with a stricter set of rules since the Devil Balls are less forgiving than a standard golf ball. It makes those 6ft and under putts a bit trickier, but the payoff is that you’ll get better at them quicker.


The package includes two of these special balls, an alignment marker, and a bag. The alignment marker is pretty nifty; it not only helps you line up your putts but also encourages you to hit the ball upwards at the right moment.


And don’t worry, these Devil Balls feel and roll just like a normal golf ball would if you hit it right. It’s just that their unique shape makes them more suitable for short putts. But that’s not a drawback. Most of the time, those short putts are the ones we need to master to save our scores.


So, in short, the PuttOUT Devil Balls are like having a tough yet effective golf trainer that you can use anytime at your home or office. They give you clear pointers on what to work on, and practicing with them can lead to noticeable improvements on the green. And for the price, they’re an excellent investment to up your golf game.


Exputt RG Golf Putting Simulator: Use Technology To Boost Your Game


Exputt RG Golf Putting Simulator

Designed to help you hit it longer and straighter

✅ Links up to your TV or mobile

✅ Gives you key putting metrics - tempo, putter path and clubface angle

✅ Adjustable slop and distance 


The Exputt RG Golf Putting Simulator is a game-changer for golfers who want to step up their putting game from the convenience of their home, office, or man cave. This simulator offers an immersive experience, allowing you to connect it to your big TV or mobile device for an on-the-green experience, right at home.


With Exputt RG, you get instant feedback about your putting metrics like tempo, putter path, and clubface angle. This will help you understand your technique better and make necessary adjustments. You can even customize the slope and distance of your putts, adding another layer of realism and control.


What makes the Exputt RG even more exciting is the ability to play on the greens of famous golf courses like Pebble Beach. You can also have some fun and friendly competition by inviting your friends to see who’s the top putter among you.


The Exputt RG not only lets you practice but also lets you compete. You can take on other users worldwide in various game modes, adding a new level of challenge and excitement to your practice. Plus, the simulator is Wi-Fi enabled, which means it can automatically receive software updates, ensuring you always have the latest features.


In summary, the Exputt RG Golf Putting Simulator is like having a personal putting green and golf coach all in one, right at your home or office. It’s an investment that can truly pay off by elevating your golf game.


The WellPutt Putting Mat: Perfect Your Short Game


WellPutt Putting Mat

The training system to help you improve your putting and knock shots off your round

✅ Good Zone/Bad Zone - Stop leaving putts short. Train the perfect pace contol

✅ Train distance control

✅ Multiple training systems on the mat to help with swing path, clubface angle, set up and more. 


The WellPutt Mat is a premium golf putting mat that offers a good selection of training systems designed to improve your short game. Priced at £129 for the 3m variant and £149 for the 4m model, it falls in the higher bracket of the putting mat market. However, after using this putting mat, its features certainly justify the cost.


The mat provides alignment aids, the “Good zone / Bad zone” for pace control with your putting, and offers two play directions for enhancing both accuracy and distance control. The mat emulates the roll, speed, and feel of real-life green, offering a realistic practice experience. It definitely deserves its spot on our list of the best golf training aids.


A significant advantage of the WellPutt Mat is its integrated app, which offers a number of practice drills and challenges designed to improve your short game with performance tracking features. The mat is also easy to store – simply roll it up and return it to its box.


In my opinion, while the WellPutt Mat comes at a premium price, it’s well worth it for the skills development and training routines it offers. And, if you decide to buy, there’s a 15% discount waiting for you (just use the code AFF15_SUNDAYRED at checkout). Still not sure, check out my full review here!


Remember, Practice Aids Complement, Not Replace

Before you dive headlong into the world of golf training aids, it’s crucial to remember that these aids are meant to complement, not replace, professional coaching. The guidance and expertise of a skilled golf instructor are invaluable, providing personalized feedback and tailored guidance to suit your unique needs.


A golf coach can assess your swing, identify areas for improvement, and recommend the most suitable training aids to address your specific weaknesses. They can also ensure that you’re using the aids correctly, maximizing their effectiveness and preventing any potential negative impact on your swing mechanics.


Unlock Your True Golfing Potential

With the right golf training aids by your side, you have the tools to unlock your true potential on the course. But remember, practice makes perfect. Consistent dedication and focused training will translate into enhanced performance, lower scores, and most importantly, a whole lot of fun on the greens.


So, go ahead and invest in the best golf training aids that suit your needs and goals. Make the most of your practice sessions and unleash the golfer within you. Your journey to golfing greatness starts today!


If you enjoyed this review of the best training aids, then I have no doubt you’ll enjoy some of our other content too….


Craig Barnard

Craig is a golf enthusiast and owner of Fun Golf. Having played the game for over 30 years he has always been passionate about the game. Today Craig offers golf advice and golf tips to beginner golfers through his popular website, social media and best-selling Golf Instruction books. Craig spent many years working at Woburn Golf Club in his younger years. Seeing how the team of PGA professionals helped so many golfers improve and get so much enjoyment from the game from golf instruction, he was inspired to see how he could do the same. Fun Golf came from, a desire to help golfers have fun and improve their game.

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