Welcome To The Sunday Red Golf Club

It's great to have you here! There is a lot of stuff to check out, the group, the events, the special offers and loads more. So let's start with the most important things...


If you are on Facebook then you will want to be a part of the community on there! Join over 4,600 golfers from around the UK, all chatting golf, getting tips, meeting others, arranging events and more! Click the button below, which will take you to the group, then request join. I'll approve you as soon as I can.

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We have teamed up with the awesome guys at Beer 52! They seek out some incredible craft beers from all over the world, put them into a case and send them to you each and every month!
I love craft beers, and thought you would too! I mean let’s be honest… Life is too short to drink crap beer!
Beer 52 are giving new customers a FREE case of beers worth £27, you just cover the shipping cost of £5.95
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*I should add that this will only work if you are a new customer of Beer 52. It is a subscription, but you can cancel anytime. And obviously you have to be over 18 🔞

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Now that you’ve created an account you can leave reviews on the courses you’ve played. Click the button below and go find the courses you’ve played recently and leave them a arating and reeview. You can even upload photos of your round.

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Guides To Check Out

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There is a lot to do in the Sunday Red Golf Club, obviously first, go and join the group if you haven’t already. Then I’ll tell you what else you can expect to find.


Special offers from our partners – As well as free beers from Beer 52, you’ll have access to several other member only offers. For example, free upgrades & special bonuses with Your Golf Travel (the last offer included a free 4 ball at Stoke park with £700); discounts with AirDrop Golf, free 2-Fore-1 Vouchers, 10% off Arccos, 15% off GolfBuddy and loads more to come too.


Golf Days: Get involved in one of our many golf days happening around the country.


​Hacker To Hero: This is our version of the Race To Dubai or Fed Ex Cup… Our Order Of Merit! These will tie in with our golf days happening around the UK.


​Hackers vs Bandits: This is our version of the Ryder Cup, 2 teams battle it out for that months bragging rights. Teams are selected at random.


​Counties Matches: Expect to see some more county matches


​Trips Abroad: In 2021 we had a trip to La Manga, Spain. A group of hackers golfers headed for a long weekend of golf. It was epic. Don’t worry we will have more. And if you love the sound of this, let me know and I can add you to the waiting list.


​Giveaways – There will be regular giveaways happening in the group, giving you a chance to win some cool golf gears.


​Podcast – If you like chatting all things golf, and when at the pub you often find yourself chatting all things golf, coming up with random ideas, then I know you’ll enjoy the podcast, A Slice Of Golf. Tim, Ben and I, each week, chatting all things golf!


​Clothing – That’s right we launched our first piece of stash – the Sunday Red Cap went live and they flew off the shelves… well if we had shelves.


Keep an eye on your email inbox as most of my communication will be through there and also in the Facebook group!

Hi, I'm Chris!

I’m Chris, a self confessed golf addict. It hasn’t always been this way. In fact it was only a few years back where I really, and I mean really got the bug. I went from 3 rounds of golf a year, to getting absolutely hooked and booking a golf trip with friends to Portugal in the space of about 3 weeks.


And now each and everyday I spend most of my time thinking about golf…. don’t tell my wife… actually to be fair she already knows.


I felt like I should bring together a community of people just like me and seek out all the amazing golf stuff and share it with you!


I look forward to seeing you in the group and at one of our golf days!


And please do make sure you connect with me on which ever social platform you prefer!